Parking Procedures


We are situated within Palmer Park and Reading Borough Council
impose a charge for parking.

We have a concession for a maximum of 6 cars from visiting teams to park free.
This does mean that visiting players will need to car share.

Your club/team captain must provide us with these car registration numbers at least 4 days before the match, this allows us time to register them with the sports centre. If the number plates are not registered prior to the game, then individuals will need to pay for their parking when they leave.
This involves going to the pay machine before leaving the park, entering your registration number (which will have been read automatically when you entered the car park), and paying any fee owed. The fee can only be paid by card or mobile phone – no cash!
There is also a payment app, Y-Pay that can be found in App Store or Google Play.

The first 3 hours are free and there after the following tariffs apply: –

0 – 3 hours free
3 – 4 hours£1.00
4 – 5 hours£3.00
5 – 6 hours£6.00
6+ hours£10.00

7 hours limit – No overnight parking –    1 hour “no return policy” = £100 fine.

If for some reason the machine is not working, you will need to go to the reception at the sports centre and give your registration number. They should then enter it on their system and ask for any relevant payment. It is your responsibility to ensure you do this before leaving, if not you could get a parking fine.
If it does happen that you get a fine and you dispute the circumstances, you will need to take it up with the staff at the centre/ parking company. This needs to be done ASAP, as once it gets into the system it is difficult to stop.