Green re-opening

The green opened on Monday 1st June and the safety guidance as advised by Bowls England applies:

  • A maximum of 6 players per rink (unless all players are from the same household).
  • A maximum of 30 members on the club premises.
  • Use your own bowls during the session.
  • Maintain social distancing, 2 m or 1 m plus mitigations where 2 m is not possible. 
  • Use alternate rinks -1/3/5 or 2/4/6 in accordance with the revised Rink Settings Chart on the wall just inside the clubhouse.
  • No shaking hands or physical contact with other players.
  • Mats, jacks and rink markers need to be cleaned/ sanitised before and after each roll up. There will be cloths and hand sanitiser available.
  • If you wish to use other equipment such as Bowls Pushers, Scoreboards, 2 m distance sticks and Ditch Markers they must be cleaned /sanitised before and after use.
  • Should measuring be necessary, players (or marker if used) must use their own measure.
  • Players to arrive suitably dressed to play other than bowls shoes. Shoes to be changed outside as changing rooms are not available.
  • Try to avoid using shared equipment wherever possible. If you are using shared equipment you should wash your hands thoroughly before and after use.
  • Allow others to leave the green before you go on.
  • Follow public health guidance for hygiene.
  • Do not play if you are self-isolating.
  • There will be limited essential access to toilets and hand washing facilities.
  • Padlocks and handles should be sanitised after each use by players wiping them as they arrive and leave. Players to take rubbish home.

In the meantime the green is being mowed twice a week and cleaning and sanitising supplies have been organised. Instructions on their use are in the clubhouse and can also be viewed here.