2017 Bowls Tour


A Lively Bunch!


The excitement had built & the coach had arrived,

We all took our seats, “we’re going for a ride”.

Off to Weston we went for a bowls game or three

All hoping for sunshine and a nice blue sea.

We made a short stop for a cup of tea & some lunch

I can safely say, we were a lively bunch!

Back on the coach and we are on our way

Weston is just over an hour away.

We pulled into the hotel & staff came to greet us,

She said we were welcome & it was nice to meet us.

We went to our rooms, unpacked & settled in

Then it was down to the bar for a pint or a gin!

The noise, it grew loud as decisions were made,

Was it beach, was it prom or the penny arcade!

It came to the evening and we changed for our dinner

The food was delicious, we were on to a winner!

Then it was back to the bar for a couple of drinks

It’s our first game tomorrow, so we need 40 winks!



We woke to the sounds of the seagulls a squawking

And several people on the prom, jogging or walking.

It’s up for our breakfast, possibly bacon and eggs

Then the morning is ours, we can stretch our legs!

The afternoon comes and the coach picks us up

It’s our 1st game of bowls & Clevedon’s the club.

We were made very welcome, the game was so good

The banter, it flowed, as it rightly should!

When it came to the end, Palmer Park won the day

With 105- 92 the score, well, what can I say!

We retired to the clubhouse for biscuits and tea

And a chat re: the game & where we’d next be.

As we were waved off, we were asked to come back

Cos, no matter the score, we all had a great “crack”

We get back to the hotel, had time for a cuppa

Then it’s shower & change cos it’s time for our supper.

Another nice meal that sated our hunger

Would our waists be expanding, we began to wonder!

The evening was ours to pass as we chose

Then our beds called us as the day drew to a close.



Today it was raining as we pulled back the curtains.

We were told it wouldn’t last, they were absolutely certain!

So, it’s up for our breakfast, maybe porridge and toast.

Then off for a stroll on the path to the coast.

The rain didn’t last and the sun it did shine.

For the game today, it seemed set to be fine.

The afternoon comes and the coach picks us up.

It’s our 2nd games of bowls & Burnham’s the club.

The banter was louder & the laughter was more.

The game, it was good and the crowd cried “encore”.

When it came to the end, Burnham won the day.

With 98 -94 the score, well. what can I say!

We retired to the clubhouse for biscuits and tea,

And the chat once again was where we’d next be!

It was off to the hotel with time for a cuppa.

Then shower and change for our penultimate supper!

Now Richard had sorted our second “evening in” night.

What’s going to happen, we had no insight!

He announced “we’d play bingo for a line and full house,

And to win, shout out loudly, not quiet as amouse”!

Next was a quiz, it had 30 mixed questions.

Discuss answers in teams and note your suggestions!

The evening then drew to a close for the night.

With several going off to their beds, “sleep tight”.

But some of us stayed for a quick game of cards,

Thanks goodness ours were just a few yards!!



We open our curtains to the gull’s battle cries,

And the sun put its hat on in the clear blue skies.

We pop down for breakfast of toast and poached eggs,

And think, it’s the last time to stretch our stiff legs!

The afternoon comes and the coach picks us up.

It’s our final game & Ashcombe Park is the club.

Once more we were welcomed by a friendly team,

And the game it was started with everyone keen!

The banter it flowed and it grew very loud,

For this was the ‘norm’ to our very ‘in’ crowd!

Well, it came to the end, Palmer Park won the day,

With 110 -92 the score, well, hip, hip, hooray!

So on to the clubhouse we went for our biscuits and tea.

And the chat once again was of where we’d next be!

“Sadly homebound” we said as out tour has concluded.

But we’re so glad your club was a team we included!

It was back to the hotel with time for a cuppa.

Then shower and change for our final supper.

A nice meal was had and the speeches were made.

With the tour a success, and new foundations laid.

Some stayed in for the act that was set for a laugh,

Others went for a walk or the bar for a draught!

We all had a good time and then had to pack.

So, in readiness for the morning, we hit the sack!



The week has flown by and was a great success. To this end, we all owe deep thanks to Margaret Gearing and Richard Nice. Margaret for doing the leg work” so to speak, liaising with the tour company and the hotel directly, to ensure everything went smoothly. Richard for collecting everyone’s monies to ensure the tour was paid for on time and supplying sweets for the coach trip which has become tradition! Also for organising entertainment for us, we had ‘shut the box’, Bingo, Quiz, cards and general fun!! Many of you will know we played our 1st game on tour at The Clevedon Bowls Club, founded by the great ‘David Bryant’, and I know playing on his ‘hallowed’ ground would have been your tour highlight. Shame he didn’t ‘pop down’ for a quick visit aye. Thank you, Margaret and Richard, for another successful tour.  Here’s to next years.